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Joanne Jimenez

Telephone: 01733 649 467
Mobile: 07890 645 027


Welcome to Hypnosis Station, the route to your potential.


Joanne is a member of the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists. She consults in Worthing, West Sussex and leads Past Life Regression workshops at the S.A.G.B, London. www.spiritualistassociation.org.uk


Therapies include Hypnotherapy, Regression, Gold Analytical Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Reiki and Spiritual Healing.

If you are seeking assistance with psychosomatic issues you have already made a positive step forward.

Nowadays people are considering hypnotherapy as a valuable option to help release the cause of unwanted behaviours.

Some of these are: smoking, weight issues, stress, phobias, such as blushing, fear of flying & open spaces, anxiety, shyness, stage fright and lack of motivation.

Hypnotherapy can help you relax, build your self-confidence and re-establish your power.

Most people can be hypnotized. It is like being in a day dreamy state. Although you enter into a light trance you will hear everything being said: your mind awake, alert and in control.

All sessions are completely confidential and tailored specifically to your needs.


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